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Rob Benwell is a successful online entrepreneur from the north of the UK who specialises in internet marketing including traffic generation, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and site monetization.

His blogging product Blogging To The Bank is the best selling digital blogging course on the internet and he even managed to get the site in the top 1,000 most visited sites on the internet proving himself as one of the uk’s leading online marketers.

Benwell started trying to make money online back in 2004 and had moderate success with EBay and Google Adsense… By 2005 Rob had moved into creating his own digital products and selling them via his own websites mainly generating free traffic to them via SEO and blogging.

In early 2006 blogging was starting to take off and reach the mainstream so Rob Benwell put all his discoveries and strategies into a new blogging ebook titled, Blogging to the Bank. With his marketing skills the product was a massive hit selling thousands of copies in the opening weeks making Benwell one of the webs most sort after experts on the field of blogging.

Robert mainly stayed underground growing his business and helping his customers but in September 2006 he took the stage at Yanik Silver’s London seminar wowing the audience by showing them live how you could get a first page search engine ranking in just an hour.

At just 23 years old Rob had become an internet millionaire travelling the world and he purchased his first Ferrari, one of his goals when first starting out.

Over the next few years Benwell launched, acquired and sold many different online businesses including web hosting, seo services, software, blogs and digital products. However in all this time he kept running and growing the Blogging to the Bank brand making it the best selling blogging course online and even getting the main site into the top 1,000 most visited sites on the internet (Alexa).

Today Rob continues to oversee the BTTB network and has multiple online business ventures.



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